About Emplify

Emplify is on a mission to help organizations unlock human potential so employees can do the best work of their lives. While US companies spend a staggering $720 million annually on employee engagement, measuring the return on this investment is often derived from outdated annual surveys or ad-hoc polls. Emplify’s unique agile engagement platform leverages both quantitative and qualitative employee feedback through hassle-free survey administration and analysis to provide visibility across the entire organization.

Rooted in the belief that yearly surveys alone are no longer effective, Emplify’s agile measurement framework combines annual surveys with quarterly check-ins and pulse polling to uncover the core issues behind symptoms like high turnover, low productivity, and poor innovation, enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions that bridge people and profit. Learn more at www.emplify.com.

HQ based in Fishers, IN with a rapidly-growing team of 50 employees, Emplify strives to be an employer of choice for people-focused professionals. Emplify helps customers like the Upland Brewing Company, Crew Car Wash, R.T. Moore, and Ivy Tech measure and improve their current levels of employee engagement.

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